2-0 Now. My second MMA Fight


After a long 4 month training camp, it is all over. I have achieved two wins as an amateur MMA fighter in the Northeast. Nothing to brag about, but I am proud to put 10 years of training to use finally.

This fight was different. We went 2 rounds, with a ref stoppage from TKO 20 seconds into the second. I’m very proud, but I noticed this time I was probably more nervous than the first. I worked 2 plus hours a day for this fight and I felt as though I had more on the line to lose. But I was very confident going in and I had fun so that’s that.

I was interviewed by Dominico 101 MMA. His video of our interview is up, with some fight highlights:

You ask what my next goal is? Career goals and big life changes. But I’m putting fighting on the back burner for a hot minute. I will always be training and advancing, but no fight in site…yet.


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