How much do you think I weigh?

I recently came across an article from a female lifter about her journey to finally be at ease with her weight and muscle. You can find it Here.

So why do I think this is so important? Well I am 5’2 and weigh 130. I have only weighed that much one other time. Three and a half years ago when I hit a mental low. I was in a really dark place and there was no light. I lost everything at that time in my life and no longer was able to go to a gym. So eventually I got the help I needed mentally and started running, and then starting doing body weight work. And then changed my diet and learned about Macro nutrients and the reality of calories in versus calories out.

Eventually I got to 125 and started a stupid drastic cut for a bodybuilding show, but that is a story for another day.

Since then, I have hated weighing myself. I could love how  I looked and then as soon as I step on a scale I feel defeated. Why is it that we care? Even a couple months ago this bothered me. I am by far the heaviest  I have been, but there is something different about it. I am strong as fuck. I can deadlift 260, squat 210, and bench 135. I have competed in multiple strongman, crossfit, and powerlifting events. And you know what? I fucking love my muscle.

Yes, I may be a little on the fluffier side. I can  always cut for “bikini season”. But right now I weigh 130lbs and feel like a freight train of power and I’m hungry for more. Cliche as that sounds, I am stronger physically and mentally than I ever have been.


And it is articles like this that make me realize how truly empowering and great that is.