The crush games….my experience

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It has been a few days past the Crush Games Samson games, and my first ever strongman comp.

Ready for the outcome?….

I placed 5th out of 7 female lightweights. But that was an accomplishment in itself cause boy was my competition not only experienced, but also way stronger and pro athletes.  So being able to go against some professional crossfitters and strongwomen was amazing.


I maxed my  squat at the event… Even with tendonitis keeping me from going heavy the previous months. I hit my 1RM at 215lbs!!


Event 3 tire flip and DB overhead for reps


My bench was a combine so I had to so reps at 75lbs. I got 25 reps. But the winning amount was 55 reps.

I also got to meet my fav  fit girl crossfitter, Leah west. She kicked so much ass at the comp.

Plus I got to get a ton of samples and won a burpee challenge for some free fitaid haha.


Now I need to recover and plan my next competition!

What should it be I wonder?


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